Hate These Signs…..

Its Training Room Number 6 this time…  GOD!!! It is so not done… why is  it me everytime??? Now its so clear that god lovess me so much… and I know I look very pretty when I cry and that’s the only reason why he loves to see me cry… I know I look very very cute when I cry because I become all red and my big eyes turns small and becomes red as well…

God loves to see me upsset… because whenver I am upset I try to laugh and smile a lot than usual… and maybe that’s the reason He is doing this… well I love my God… and I know whatever he does is for a reason…

There are so many signs… I don’t know if these are signs or something else… I am trying my best to forget things but then won’t be able to if things just come up in such a way…  welll


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