Emotional and Fool…

Though at times we know that someone is not interested in a word but still we force ourselves to talk to that someone… well its our fault…  it’s a person’s decision end of the day… so if someone wants their privacy its completely ok right???

Just that there are many emotional fools like me who just thinks it’s a lot while its NOTHING… but things happen and as we know that human heart is stronger than we think it is… and with time people forget people actually pretend to forget people… but in reality one can never forget anyone they LOVED a lot…  but people do move on…

No one is an exception here… even the weakest of all will eventually be over it and will move on and will LIKE someone else but will never be able to LOVE someone…

I know today my short blogs must be irritating for many but today I am in this mood to write small things that will give out more meaning…


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