Incomplete but yet Meaningful…

Tree man is in love with the sky.

Read this topic on one of the ‘post-a-day’ suggestion for blog… it said:

“What does love mean to you? We talk about love all the time, but rarely do we sit down and think about what it is, and how our behavior helps us get more or less of the kind of love we desire.

How does platonic love differ from romantic love? How does the love we get from a parent differ from the love we get from a friend? Or a dog? Is love a feeling or a set of behaviors?”

Love is my favorite topic and I can go on and on if is start writing about it… but writing on the topic love is very hard when I, myself am the most unsuccessful person when it comes to love and relationships…

Well lets start speaking about the topic now, so as the topic says what does love means to me… well for me love is a feeling that is to be felt… it cant be seen, it is only felt… you can feel love even in small gestures by a loved one… like some text message when you are really sad or maybe a status update that you know is only for you… or maybe at times just a ten seconds stare at a room full of people… love is not always about holding hands or kissing or being cozy it means a lot to me…

For me being in love is something that is not that can happen again and again… and if your love is real then you’ll never be away from it… I can find happiness even in a smile given to me across a room full of beautiful people… as they say love never dies… which is so true… people say love is blind which is wrong because for me love cant be blind or deaf or retard… it is a feeling to be felt…

Though words are required to show love but one can always read it from the eyes of the person… if the eyes keep looking at you and are not blinking even for once then what do you think it is???

Love cant be forced on anyone… but for instance you and a guy have confessed your feelings that you’ll like each other and were about to go on a date… then one fine day the guy simply say he might not have time to give to you due to various reasons… what can a girl do??? Well I don’t know about all the girls reading this but a few girls would coolly say, “ok” to the guy and act normally but actually these girls are way to hurt then the people think she is… she would smile with her friends and would work with full energy and would be as she usually is, but her eyes would still have the sadness that no one will ever see… even if someone would see her crying what would she say is, “do you think I will cry, mad or what???” and will just wipe off her own tears and just say that the eye make up these days are so bad that makes her eyes wet…

This sounds very sad, isn’t it??? But there are such girls who would never show anyone that how sad they are… not even to the guy whom she loves…in fact if the guy comes in front of her and looks in her eyes I think these kind of girls would just keep laughing just to show the guy that she is very happy and sadness is something that can never catch her… but if the guy really loves her he will know how much gloomy is her heart… or rather the girl will just call up a friend when the guy is in front of her and will start talking casually to the friend and will just go away from the place where the guy is… or she will just be normal with the guy…

Well I wanted to write the entire blog but its too late now and I have to throw myself on the bed… tomorrow is a new day altogether with a new trainer and new things that I will be learning… new colleagues to be with… more pressure… and have to wake up early in the morning and have tea and get ready and leave for work…

Hmmm though when I go to bed now I will be thinking about the past week and incidents that happened in the entire week and then will go to sleep and will see some beautiful dreams which will make me upset or super excited when I get up… Ahhh!!! I know I write a lot but anyways need to rush now….


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