Please Accept the Apologies!!!

I am really sorry guys if my blogs have hurt anyone in anyway… I am sorry for everything… all the words of harshness was in anger so don’t mind them and all the words of kindness are the words of love so please consider them…

I have dedicated some blogs to some people and I am really sorry if someone felt bad about it… I know what my mistakes are now… I am trying hard to change myself… and will change myself…

I know I have been something that is not me… I realized yesterday that I cant be so girly… that is not how I was… that might not be the real me… well this blog is for all the people whom I have hurt knowingly and unknowingly… I didn’t mean to hurt anyone… just that writing is the only get away for me… this is the only stress reliever for me… cant just leave this at any cost… because if there is no writing for me which means I am just not me… the thought of it is also suffocating… writing is my life… but I will take care of everyone’s feeling from now on…

I would like to apologize to one person whom I have hurt a lot through my blogs… for that person I would just like to say that, “I am SORRY… I know my latest blogs have hurt you a lot but that was the only way how my irritation could come out… I cant yell like people or just break things when I am upset… all I can do is eat chocolates and keep on typing… I would just like to tell you that don’t remember the things I have written yesterday but just think of the poem I have dedicated to you and the good things I have written about you… the irritation just came out on you… I didn’t mean to hurt you… I would never want to hurt you… “

Ok now I can’t write more with moist eyes and a heavy heart… I confess that I have been sad since the moment I was silent… take care people and once again I am sorry… please accept my apologies…


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