It was a slap on my face!!!

In simple words one can always say it aloud, “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU…” but no people never say this, they rather keep silence… they ignore you… its just a more rude way of saying, “I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU… GET LOST…”

No one here is such a big fool, not to understand what does it exactly mean… it simply means someone is done with you… so have the courage to say it… somewhere down the line it was and is my fault… a girl should never keep her feelings in front of a guy at the first place… though I did it through my blogs but indeed it was my fault, shouldn’t have done it…

It has always been my fault… though I know that I getting close to someone will eventually take me away from that person still I do the same mistake again and again… silence is the best way to ignore a person and no one can know this better than me… my silence can kill people… and that’s the reason I try to avoid the silence by me…

But end of the day I do have some SELF RESPECT… and continuous dedication of blogs for someone and texting someone with NO DAMN REPLY AT ALL is insulting… it is indeed a slap on my face!!! I am glad that people ask about me to my friends but what about asking me once a while about myself??? Is it very difficult to press the ‘reply’ key on your mobile phone and reply back with a YES or NO???

If silence is something someone gives then fine SILENCE IT IS!!! The best person who knows about me and my silence a lot is my best friend Shrabani… that sweetheart has suffered most of the silence from me… and both of us know how bad my silence can be…


Me eating loads of chocolate and talking and slurping about sweets means there is something that is immensely making me sad… this time its enough because  though I pretend to be as strong as a guy but end of the day I have a girl’s heart… I do feel bad about things… my self respect is also hampered… I also expect someone to text me upfront not after reading a blog or after I sending a text message…

Maybe I really expect a lot from people or maybe these people are just not worth my affection… end of the day it’s my fault to again have trust in something in which I had lost trust long back…

Now it will get very difficult for me to again have trust in this again… I really wouldn’t care if someone’s hurt by this blog or is upset because eventually there is no reply so what can be worse… but I am not sorry about this blog as this is what I am feeling right now… well i am damn upset not for the sake of saying it but indeed i am… but as we say enough is enough…

i am now over it… will have to be over it…  tolerating insult is something i can’t bare… though that insult is not direct but indirect insult is worse… the one who thinks this blog is for him will also know the reason of my anger and upset mood…

well what can now cheer me up is a nice chocolate bar and some good sleep… but a good sleep wouldn’t let me forget the reason for this blog…  there is someone whom i am really missing a lot today… its not the guy who is the reason of this blog but its ….. well imagination is all yours… i am going to love the dairy milk now and then would throw myself on the bed… i wish i could have some beer to just get over this completely…

2 thoughts on “It was a slap on my face!!!

  1. Silence can be beautiful if you look at it positive way. It brings you back to yourself, recognize your faults and strive to heal them. Follow your silence to seek for the truth. The truth follows as you continue your search for “goodness”.


  2. Jus hang on dude…
    U dnt need any “tom, dick or harry” to love u, respct u or care fr u…. Ur frnds r always der fr You…. Atleast M der fr u…forever…n…evr…n…Ever!
    Lots of Love….


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