Couldn’t Be More Happy Than This!!!

. Love .

Couldn’t have asked for more, could I? this was one wish of mine that was fulfilled instantly… what can be more exciting after seven and a half hour of call taking, you can see on your mobile a message from the guy whom you like a lot and a missed call from that guy saying that he is nearby and can meet… when I realized this I was more than happy… I couldn’t have been happier than this…

When I spoke on the phone and we decided that we’ll meet in my office cafeteria,  I ran down the stairs and couldn’t have been so excited ever… when I reached the cafeteria I was looking for him but just met a friend and was speaking to him just when I saw him coming and my heart started beating faster…

He hugged me the moment we met and trust me that was one of the best moments ever… the entire two to three minutes I was with him, the smile didn’t leave my lips… I was on the 9th cloud… it was amazing seeing him and I was so so so so happy…. I just can’t put my excitement and emotions in words at the moment but I am sure he would understand it when he reads it… I am sure he would know the exact feeling of mine because I am sure he also felt the same thing like me….

Yaayyyyyyyy m so freaking happy…..


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