The First Date???

Wine Glass
Image by Martin Cathrae via Flickr

Its special for a girl when someone asks her out for a date, isn’t it? Well with my personal experience I would say that yess it is special… but it’s more special when the date actually happens… sadly I have never been on a date… but yess a guy had one asked me out but that never happened… maybe he forgot…. 😛

Well now the confusion is, there is another guy who asked me out yesterday… and I actually don’t like him that much as much I like the guy who asked me out first… hmmm well busy people forget some things and its not their fault… it’s the fault of people like me for whom even the smallest of things matter a lot…

Now I am sleepy… so its better I go and sleep well… as it is need to be at work early tomorrow…


One thought on “The First Date???

  1. wow.lovely ashi.its me also d same for whom small things matter a lot.even i didnt got a chance 2 go for a date.but m waiting one day wll come wen sum1 special whom i lyk wud ask me for d date


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