21 is just the start folks!!!

Image by Fey Ilyas via Flickr

A graduate now and I am already working… life looks so good when I am sitting in front of the computer writing blogs and surfing Google so as to see better options for my further studies…

I had told my mom very clearly that I need my life till the age of 27… the moment I am 27 she can search a guy for me and throw me out of the house… but till then I want to live my life to the fullest… but usually no moms can ever be adamant on their decision when it comes to giving away their daughters…

I had been to an aunt’s place yesterday and after the lunch I just dozed off to sleep and even in my half sleep I could hear things about me where three females that’s my mom two maternal aunts were repeatedly talking about searching a guy for me… where my mom clearly mentioned that she cant find a guy for me as she is not the active member of any Bengali Association and also my dad is no more with us so it would be difficult for her to go and hunt for a guy for me… one of my aunt who is a spinster said she will search a guy for me…

I mean it was so difficult and annoying for me to listen to all that but I couldn’t compromise on my sleep… so I just kept quiet and went off to my dream land… later in the evening my mom told me that they were planning for my wedding… and I was like, “What’s wrong with you guys???” I am just 21… it’s the age to have fun and flirt and be with friends and build up one’s career…

I don’t mind getting married but there’s an age to everything and more than the age it’s about ARRANGE MARRIAGE… I mean how can you be with someone whom you don’t know… how can you spend your life with an unknown person!!! Last night I was weeping miserably because I don’t want to get married so soon and leave my mom and my brother for a stranger… things would have been different if it was love marriage… in that case I would have at least been with a person whom I know…

Again I have my own choice when it will come to choose a guy for my marriage… I want a guy who would understand that I don’t want a lavish wedding but instead want a simple wedding and it would be even better if it’s a Court Marriage… its difficult to get such a guy… the worst part is I can not think about all this now… its just the beginning of my career and life… this is the first step towards the real life…

I haven’t even learnt flirting… I haven’t ever been in any relationship yet!!! I have never been in love… I mean I have the right to be in one relationship before any marriage work…. I don’t know… just that I am too young to even think of it!!!!!

I hate all this!!!!

😦 😦 😦 😦


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