Great Things Indeed Comes In Small Packages!!!

Image by ecstaticist via Flickr

Someone told me last night that, “thing I hate about you is your height!!!”… I gave this thing a thought and finally decided to write on this… so because I am short people can dislike me… this is the weirdest of all…

I know I am not at all tall but I don’t regret that… being short is cute… and more than that there are so many benefits of being short… I have never thought that me being short is bad or ugly… I don’t think I look that bad just because I am short… it suits me, doesn’t it? Well what matters is do I love myself or no!!! And trust me I love myself a lot…

Well every one should love themselves and have confidence in whatever they do… and I know maybe there are many who dislike me for my height but there can be few who love me for the way I am…

Well being short in height can be good at times… the best of heels can be worn by you… though I hate wearing heels but still girls of my height can wear the best and tallest of heels… well one of the benefit that I can think of at the moment is getting the first place in the crowd… well yess… whenever there is crowd and I need to go in the front or run away from the crowd then the short height certainly is a benefit…

When in a group for a group photograph, the shortest one’s gets the first place… well I feel lucky at times, especially when I am about to enter the train and there is loads of crowd and because of my height people just push me in and I do get in like a big fat mouse!!!

And the most romantic benefit of being short in height is that it looks really romantic when your guy is taller than you and when he tries to hug you, you reach his heart… which is the most romantic thing… I have always wanted a guy who would hug me and treat me like a baby and as it is I am short and he might be tall!!!

Well in the end I would like to say that GREAT THINGS COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES!!!


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