The Wait for the Poems!!!

Image by EricMagnuson via Flickr

I have written many blogs and most of them is dedicated to ONE MAN…. And he knows it very well… well its good to write about him and for him because when I write it and proof read it, I have a smile on my face thinking of him smiling when he reads it… this gives me some kind of happiness… I hope and somewhere down the line know that he loves reading the blogs for him and about him and I am glad….

He writes poems as well… and he had promised that he would read out the poem… but since the day he promised we never got a chance to be together where I can listen to his poems… well we didn’t have time to talk to each other as well as he is a busy man… lolz… but seriously he is very busy and we don’t have time to talk to each other even via text message…

But I am too eager to read his poems now… so I just told him last night that just mail the poem to me and he just denied saying he wants to read it out to me… the reason he gives for these words are if he doesn’t reads it out for me then I wont be able to feel the feeling of the poem… but I am wrier as  well and can read the things with feelings… well I know that he reading the poem also means that we’ll be able to meet each other but I am too eager to see his creative side… am I wrong in asking this from him??? No right???

Well I know he is quite stubborn at least in this case, and he wouldn’t mail the poem to me and would read it out to me… but the problem is that both of us don’t have time to meet each other… rather we cant even see each other… and I want to meet him and see him but then there can be different reasons to meet as well right!!! In the mean while he can just mail me the poem so that I can know the creative side of his…

Lets see if this blog will make any change… lets see if I will be able to read his poems… personally even i want to hear it with utmost feelings but will that be possible??? what if i never get a chance to see him again??? well I want to read his poems!!! i want to meet him and see his smile and hear his laughter… as i have said before in many of my blogs that i love his smile, laughter and his eyes rather the way he looks at me… i want all of that but also i want to read his poems, will he mail it to me? or do i have to wait until i meet him next??


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