That Smile Is Special!!!


I have written many blogs recently but most of them were sad or full of anger or out of frustration… but today the rains have made me happy… I know many might think this climate as gloomy as my mom says it’s GLOOMY… but for me its nice calm and silent…

So what came to my mind when I was sitting by my window looking at the sky??? Any guesses??? It was a laugh!!! A laugh, a smile… and the thought of that laughter and smile bought smile on my face… his smile is full of innocence… that laughter is full of sunshine and spreads smile… I remember once when we all were in a room and he was reading a mail and suddenly he started laughing and the entire room started laughing at him and then he had this cute little smile and that was so cute…

At that particular moment I was just looking at his smile, it had immense innocence… Ahhh!!! Even the thought of his smile brings a smile on my face… I can’t describe how good it feels to see his smile… you know in an enormous hectic day you feel so relaxed when you see that smile and hear that crackling laughter that makes your day and that smile vanishes all the stress in you…

Hmmm I don’t know if this blog is any good because I am smiling the entire time while typing this… and I hope this will bring a smile on his face as well… and I hope to hear that laughter once again and see that smile again though I know he is quite far from me now but still the hope never dies right!!!

Well on the ending note I would like to say that keep smiling and laughing because there is someone who really loves your smile and is in love with your laughter…


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