It Happens!!!

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It is so easy for human beings to understand that who is ignoring you or avoiding you… for example, if I don’t want to talk to some XYZ person and start avoiding him/her, and if he/ she ask me why I am avoiding them. I would simply say that I am not….

But we actually can understand the behavior change of people towards you… things change and it is noticeable… and somewhere down the line it is the part and parcel of life… when people are away from you they tend to change and forget… not that they do it on purpose but it is because they have new people to think about….

But as we say that life moves on… and every point of life this will happen… where people will come and go and you will have new people around you…





2 thoughts on “It Happens!!!

  1. I think we shouldn’t take too much to heart on how to please others. Just be who you are and live the life you have. 🙂 Interesting post. Take it easy!


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