Romantic walk on a Beach

A romantic walk at sunset

On a beach with a bottle of beer and with friends with you!!! Isn’t this the perfect picture ever… well anything on a beach is always the perfect picture… beaches are something no one can avoid except for the people who are aqua phobic… but people who are not aqua phobic for them beach is one ultimate place…

A beach is perfect for a get together with friends, it’s perfect for the first date, and it’s perfect for just being there with a bottle of beer, its perfect for being all alone for some good photography and some music, its perfect for a wedding function, its just perfect…

Me writing a blog on a beach will be weird for many people… as many people especially my relatives feel that I am not the beach types… but trust me guys beaches are one of the most closest place for me… for me a walk on the beach during sunset with my loved one where my guy would hold my hand while both of us are quietly walking this is romantic… this is simply serene… its one of the most beautiful dream I have ever seen with open eyes… I want this to happen and I hope it will happen sooner or later… well it will….

Getting drunk on a beach and totally going all tipsy  is something insane for many of us but getting drunk with your friends is something different… sitting near the beach side with your best friend sharing all your problems with no disturbance is again something I really want… Shrabani, dude lets plan this one…

The romantic walk on a beach is something I am really waiting for… and why I shouldn’t expect it as I am in the city with so many beaches… so well guys who are in a relationship or dating someone, guys please enjoy your dates on a beach with some quiet walks with the breeze kissing and hugging you…

😉 ;)….


2 thoughts on “Romantic walk on a Beach

  1. Ashmita,
    Believe that you will have that romantic walk on the beach with the one that you love and want the most in this world. It WILL happen for you.

    And, I loved this, yet another great, story.
    Thank you,


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