This Change might be good!!!

Beech Tree, black and white
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We all know that people change, and this change in people really irritates me… people always expect me to be the same but would they also remain the same… last night I had taken a decision that  I WILL CHANGE…  this change wouldn’t be for the people but for me…

Maybe this change of mine will be accepted by some while some people wouldn’t like it… but this time it would be totally me who will take the decision… this change will be for the good – MY GOOD… and I am very sure about the fact that there will be many people who would dislike it and then say, “we don’t like this change in you…” still I will change…

I had taken this decision some days before as well but then when came the chance to change I became very emotional and then changed my plans of changing… but this time there would be a change slowly and gradually…

Hmmm I know it very weird for people close to me to accept the fact that I will change but I will… because this change in me will allow me to grow… well not in a mood to blog at the moment as I feel this uneasiness… REASON: not known by me… but feel uneasy….


2 thoughts on “This Change might be good!!!

  1. Ashmita,
    I, too, am in the middle of change….and, I am challenged, criticized and even bullied out of that change, at times. Those who are closest to us are at times the ones who inspire yet try to discourage that very change they influence in us. All very perverse, at times. But, then, that is the way of people, eh?

    My dear mom died in 1994 from Large Cell Carcinoma…after she had smoked cigarettes for about 40 of her 51 years of life. She fought change…said she hated and feared change…resisted change, even though it may have helped save her own life.

    She inspired me to write this, at the time that I was having very profound, life-related talks with her…I knew that those were the moments, you know? I would remember those times forever…wanted to paint them in my mind, sew them in my heart…..

    She said, “One thing that is always constant is change, in life.”

    There…no drum roll…just simplicity in its significance. And, isn’t it the truth, too?

    I hope you will be inspired by a fellow-butterfly. We are in a constant state of flux…growth, like you said. Let’s be fearless and inspire the Hell out of them with our change. : )

    Terri Currier


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