Seat next to the Window or Aisle???

Window Seat
Image by Jer Kunz via Flickr

When I am traveling in a bus or in a car or even in my company transport I prefer taking the seat next to the window… well there are no aisle in the company transport or car but I don’t like sitting in the middle when I am in the either of 2…

Talking about buses and trains… I always love taking the seat next to the window… whenever I travel with cousins or any other relative and if someone asks me for the window seat I just give one small excuse: “I feel restless in the aisle seat…” now no one would want me to get ill during the trip so usually I get the seat I want…

When I was small and used to travel to Shirdi with my family (when I say family that includes only my daddy, mummy and my younger brother…. Aahhhh and ME too) I used to take the seat next to my father… let that be anything… usually my father never slept in the bus while going for a vacation… so he used to take the window seat in the night and I used to sleep in the aisle seat besides him and would just keep my head on his shoulder and that was the best sleep I would have ever had…

Well there was a benefit sleeping besides my dad… whenever there was a stop for tea or dinner and if mom and brother (Alok, that’s my brother’s name..) were fast asleep, then I used to go out with my dad and take pocket full of chocolates and wafers packet and all the rubbish junk food ever… well the result of those traveling junk food and chocolates are now been seen on me…

Whenever there was days traveling in the bus or train I usually take the window seat as I can see so many things… recently when I was traveling to Jaipur with my family… this time family doesn’t includes my dad!!! Well yeah this time while traveling I had this new craze for photography so I just sat on the window and kept clicking all the way… even during my Bangalore trip with mom in the month of April was awesome… as we were just two of us, so in the train both of us got the window seat… which was amazing as we could talk and see outside and have lunch and dinner by facing each other….well it the train travels are always good….

Well what I just remembered is how helpful books are when we are traveling… well maybe I will write on this some other day as I am already getting late for gym and work… well yeah I said ‘gym’, remember, I mentioned in this blog that the result of the junk food and chocolates can be seen on me, so just trying to cut off those extra fats…


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