Want to know more!!!

He was standing behind me while I was writing a blog… and just told something in my ears that more than making me happy scared the hell out of me… I was shocked to see a guy in my house just behind me while I was writing a blog…

By the time I could react to anything and ask questions I was at this beautiful beach in the romantic rainy evening… I asked him how you entered my house and how did I reach this beach? And he just laughed and said its all MAGIC… the MAGIC of LOVE… I felt that, I smiled back at him and started clicking the sunset pictures… Just then I realized that someone is clicking me and when I turned back I saw him clicking me with his camera…

I remember that he and I spent the entire evening together where the first time a guy held my hand and we walked down the beach with the breezy air making the moment more romantic… there came a moment where we both stopped walking and was just facing each other and I recollected what he had said in my ears… I asked him, “why did you tell me that?” he asked me, “what?” and I said “I LOVE YOU!!!” he smiled back and said, “I LOVE YOU TOO” I hit him hard and said, “idiot that is what you told me in the ears…” and he laughed and then held my hand and kissed it…

I went back and he pulled me closer and was about to kiss me… that was going to be my first kiss ever but just then my phone alarm rang and I woke up and realized that I slept while reading a novel and the entire thing was a DREAM… I wished I saw the guy’s face although I think I have heard his voice somewhere but yess rest everything was a dream… and because of my phone alarm I didn’t have the most perfect kiss even in my dreams…

Well even though it was a dream I was happy and cherished each and every moment… so I hope this dream is continued the next time I sleep… well at least I want to know who the guy was…


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