What is to be said???

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I wish we all would have reasons for why we LIKE someone or why we LOVE someone!!! But the thing is when you like that SOMEONE SPECIAL, it is nothing that you would get attracted to you, but in fact everything…

Well I liked a SOMEONE for some reason for sure, but I don’t know what!!! It can be simply anything… may be I like the way HE talks, and the way HE explains things, maybe the way HE stares, maybe everything… maybe all the petty things but this is the essence of …. Well I really don’t know what to call this… it is more than FRIENDSHIP but maybe not LOVE… well whatever relation this is the petty things that we like in such a relationship is the essence…

It’s a feeling where you feel like smiling all the time but if you do that people will call you a FOOL… it’s a feeling where your eyes are constantly on the mobile phone, just to make sure that you don’t miss a text message from them… it is weird but feels good at the same time…

But as I always say that everything should be in a limit so even some feelings should be in limits as you never know how soon will you be hurt and how much you will be hurt… but maybe the hurt in this type of relationship also feels good…

So now I wonder if someone asks me” what do I like about him?” what should I say??? And if someone asks me what is he to you? Then what should I say? Well for the first question I can always say EVERYTHING or just say I DON’T KNOW!!! But for the second question I really don’t know what to say!!! Is it that I would call him a BOYFRIEND or just a very good friend or what!!!

Well many people out there must be having the same dilemma as in what to call a particular relationship… and I think the solution to it can be found out only if both the people together decide what their relationship is or should it be hidden!!!

Well I know I am a person with a chaotic mind and soul but that’s what I am!!!

Till then people just have fun and

Keep Blogging!!! Keep Reading!!!




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