Words with eye contact!!!

Hoboken, New Jersey, July 2008
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The thing that I love is stare from a person close to me… rather the stare from a person makes you feel that you are close to him… okay did I say HIM??? Well for guys who are reading it; if you’ll want, you can take it as HER… but well let me address it as HIM!!! So that stare that you get from that person is the out of the world experience…

Even a minute of stare and eye contact says so much… but why don’t we humans understand the language of eyes… why do we need words to express our love??? Well as the matter of fact; I do need words… well first of all I love words and that’s the reason I keep Blogging… I don’t know why don’t people understand my feelings through my blogs? Is it so difficult to understand?

I have tried saying many times, many things through my blogs but then it was not understood… I know many people think I am still in the olden era but I still believe that a guy is supposed to say his feelings to a girl… I mean come-on… isn’t that more appropriate? Frankly speaking this blog is out of frustration…

As I said earlier, eye contact is a must but what if the person in front of you wouldn’t understand what you trying to say through your eyes… so that is when you should use words… silence is no doubt the best weapon but sometimes you need to use WORDS… I know there are a proper time and a proper place to say your feelings… but we the human has to do something about deciding the proper time and place…

You know sometimes the eye talking can lead to so many miscommunications… REASON: being no uses of words… imagine a guy staring at a girl since days and the girl starts feeling that he has some feelings for her but eventually it leads to the fact that it was never love… he just stared at her thinking about something else… so use of words are necessary especially when you want to tell someone that you like them or love them…

As most of them know that no one has ever said the THREE MAGIC WORDS to me… but when a guy tells those THREE MAGIC WORDS to me it would make the moment special… I don’t want guy to tell me I LOVE YOU every day but once while confessing his feelings… because I feel once it is said then it is not required as then you will understand what the person wants to say to you…

Well for me that moment when the guy I like will tell me that he loves me will be a magical moment and maybe he will be able to see tears in my eyes with a smile on my lips… and that would be the day of love…

Well the message I want to convey is that guys understand that at least say your feelings through words once… and trust me if you say it with a true heart then your love will not be denied… and one more thing…. UNDERSTAND MY BLOGS WHEN READING IT….

Well then Keep Blogging!!! Keep Reading!!! Keep conveying your messages through words… I can’t say more on it…




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