Love: A Family Issue!!!

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Just read a blog of my friend who writes immensely beautifully… this is the blog that she has written and trust me guys it is so well said in the blog that why does religion the obstacle of love!!!

I was so encouraged by her blog that I thought of writing something of that sort… I really don’t understand why most of the people in India have Double Standards… for example though they teach their children that GOD IS ONE then why do they then say, “we are Hindus and we are Muslims or we are Catholics” I mean what difference does it makes… not that I don’t like my religion but what is my religion!!! Why can’t we just go as per one thing and that is HUMANITY… why can’t we just live as humans and not some Religion freaks…?

Most of my friends are Muslims and Catholics… but that doesn’t mean I am doing anything wrong… born in a Brahmin family there are many things that I am prohibited to do… well my family is quite a modern family but will they have this mindset if I fall in love with someone outside the religion? Maybe yess maybe no… till date I don’t know what is love… but whatever I have seen in movies and read in books; all the idea I have of love is that Love is beyond Caste, Religion, Race and social background…

My friend Zainab, who has written the blog, has asked the question “WHY???” in her blog; well I think we have this mindset in the Indian society because there are many social issues that are still unsolved…

Not that every Indian family has a problem with inter caste and inter religion marriage but most of them have… being a Bengali Brahmin I am not suppose to do something like that because I am a GIRL… frankly speaking my Paternal and maternal Family has high hopes from me and somehow it is a mindset of everyone now that I should do what my mom says… but what if someday I do something my mom opposes…

Not that my mom has ever stopped me from doing anything but what if tomorrow I fall in love with someone who is not a Bengali, or who is not a Brahmin or who is not a Hindu… I am the one who is known as the most dutiful in my family; but the question that kills me is ‘what if’ I don’t want to be the submissive one? What if I fall in love with a guy who is a bit different than the others?

More than anyone in the world I love my mom but what if my mom doesn’t accept my love? Well as I said earlier and in many blogs that I have never been in love as I don’t have time for it. I have to do more creative and useful things in life like make my career, buy a house, buy a car, rebuild my dad’s business, give a secured life to my brother etc… but what if; while achieving all this I fall in love with someone and my family doesn’t accept it… It really doesn’t matter to me if my relatives supports me or not all I want is my mom’s support… will I get that?

Well let’s see… well thanks to Zainab whose blog motivated me to write this…. Otherwise I would have gone through another phase of Writer’s Block… anyways let me see if the ‘what ifs’ in my mind are being solved and answered….

Till then guys… keep blogging!!! Keep reading!!! Ciao!!!




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