The Aries Princess!!!

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They are the strong headed ones. They are the selfless and selfish at the same time… people with contradictory behavior… intelligent but at times dumb… quite matured but childish at times… anger is their best ornament as they know they look good when angry… the first one always… love to be on the top… well this is no one but the first child of the zodiac signs… the first amongst the 12 zodiac signs… its all about THE ARIES!!!

The sign with the ‘fire element’ loves to be angry… loves to be loved… they are usually the charm of the party because they are the only ones who are quietly sitting in a big party with a romantic novel in their hand… well all I am writing here is about the ARIES GIRLS…

If any guy reading this is an Aries by zodiac I am sorry but today I am in the mood of writing about the Aries girls only… so these are the types who can be in love without being in love… well Bejan Daruwala said, “Aries often fall in and out of love!!!” hahaha

Well I am not challenging what he says as I am a big fan of his in fact I totally agree to what he says… well yes Aries usually are confused with what they want, what they desire for or what they love???

Well an Aries girl would not like a praise that has no honesty in it… she is the one who can be girly when required and can be tom boyish when needed… well I know guys reading this will fall in love with just the description here but trust me I have read a lot of books on zodiacs and after reading it I have understood that Aries girls are worth loving… well not trying to praise a particular sign nor am I trying to predict anything as  I am no astrologer but I am just writing a small piece on the Aries Girl… information in this blog is a blend of many things read from here and there…

So yess about the Aries Girl!!! Well they know when to give the smile and know when to be frown… they are the most imperfectly perfect one… they are the ones with lots of flaws and though they know their  flaws still they love themselves…

They give a lot and expect a lot as well… they are the quiet ones with the dangerous stares… well she loves to compete a guy as she thinks no girl can be as good as her and she loves to defeat the guys… well that is the Aries Girl…

Well till now all of you must have imagined her to be the tough one but well she has that Little Girl in her somewhere… she loves to cry like a child for some silly reason and would expect her guy to take care of her when she is crying… you would have to find out when she is crying and when she is angry… I hope you know there’s a difference between the both…

Aries woman are usually the one who would give her 100 percent in a relationship but that is what she expects in return… well you must be thinking why I am only writing the entire thing in the love point of view well maybe I am inspired by Linda Goodman and also love is my favorite topic!!!

You know what!!! Whatever I have read about an Aries woman gives me the idea of how stubborn they can be… they not only loves to claim that HER GUY I hers but also wants her GUY to tell it aloud that SHE IS HIS…

She wishes for a guy who would sweep her off her feet and would just take her out of any mishap… all she needs is a brave KNIGHT in SHINING ARMOR… her desires are larger than life… no she doesn’t wants a guy to give her the moon or stars or the flowers from the garden all she wants is his presence and his support… and she will give that in return as well…

An Aries Woman is usually bright and cheerful in day but her nights are usually spent lonely… the fire sign woman is usually hot with passions and dreams but if someone close to her hurts her badly she will turn into an ice…

You will usually find her with guy friends rather than the girl friends as they hate the company of the same species… even if you ever see her in a group of girls her mind would be somewhere where the guys are… but that doesn’t means that she will ever ditch her guy but she will be more than honest…

They are career oriented… and one flaw that one would find in her is she can leave anything for her career… well anything means anything… she can leave the person she loves, her family… in short anything and everything when it comes to career…

Well now talking about the passionate side of the Aries Woman… well do I need to say anything… she is the Fire sign and her ruling planet is MARS…. She is too hot to handle… lolzzz but trust me don’t expect her to be the girly types… she wouldn’t keep nagging all day… don’t expect her to write the beautiful poems for someone she loves but when she writes something you should be able to understand it…

She loves her family no matter what… she will be the MAN of the family if needed… say a wrong thing about her family and dude you are SCREWED….

Well I think I said a lot about the Aries woman but you know what I love writing about myself… well today I just thought of writing something about myself… so I wrote this… welll yess I am an Aries girl and you will find me almost the same… well if any guy who would think of dating me should think again and read this before doing it…. Just kidding but yess today I have written about myself… And feeling good about it…



Published by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “The Aries Princess!!!

  1. Ohhh ur Aries…………..
    4a moment i thot dat blog ws 4me………..
    But i’l check again,m i truly an aquarian…………
    Sound more lyk Aries……….
    Anyways,how abt writin a blog on Aquarians………..or rather Aquarian galz…..


      1. Omg… so me and my momma. We both are aries. We are very self-centered. We also love to accomplish our goals. I love to compete against boys because they think im a girly girl nooo im also strong and a tom boy. My mama and I is very smart and intelligent. Shes is a doctor,and I am hoping to be a doctor.I am a freshmen in highschool now nice to meet you.I always get mad if I cant express my feeling too!

        Liked by 1 person

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