Tearful G-O-O-D-B-Y-E-S

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‘Goodbyes’ I know I have already written on it earlier but that was dedicated to a particular person but today’s post is not for someone in particular but yess it is totally dedicated to the emotion called GOODBYE!!! I know goodbye is no emotion but for me it is an emotion… I have always hated Goodbyes… everyone hates it…

Well you know what??? Some are at times lucky in goodbyes while some are unlucky in goodbyes… I know this sound weird but guess what it is an unknown truth… I know there would be raised eyebrows while reading the above line but that is what I feel… I have usually been unlucky with RELATIONS and LOVE let that be Family Love or Friends love!!! And I have been unlucky with GOODBYES also…

Well the inspiration for this blog is my maid who is at the moment talking about her husband who has gone to his village for some work and she is here now missing him a lot… just some moment ago when she came and started talking about the entire goodbye episode of her with her husband she kind of cried saying that she really misses him and she cried when she was waving him goodbye… well technically her waving BYE to her husband was not a GOODBYE…

Well because my mom calls it a goodbye so I would say my maid is lucky in goodbye because she could at least meet her husband before he could leave… goodbyes are seriously lucky for someone… at least they can WAVE their hands to their beloved… while some can talk to their loved ones on phones after waving a goodbye…

But are all of us so lucky with goodbyes… well I don’t know about anyone but my mom’s been very unlucky with goodbyes as she couldn’t even wave goodbye to my dad… because my dad left one fine day without informing anyone… well in this case I am equally unlucky because I been my dad’s darling couldn’t see him the last time he was alive… but after he left I at least had the chance to talk to him at times but the last time I saw him was on the death bed (he was dead by then)!!!

Well another unlucky goodbye I had was of a very good friend of mine who died in the water of GORAI BEACH… he was  one of my best friends but I couldn’t meet him the last time he left us… all I could see was his dead body…

Another unlucky goodbye for me was the goodbye of a friend who went to EGYPT… this one was the most painful goodbye as I didn’t have the chance even to meet him as I was arranging my dad’s funeral… that was the time when I really needed him and I just got a message from him saying, “leaving tomorrow morning @ 4 for Egypt… will miss you!!!” well all I could do is read the message and go to sleep…

Well I know there are many people who have had tearful goodbyes as goodbyes are usually with tears but still while waving goodbye some eyes still have the hope of seeing their loved ones again while some like me know that they would never see them again…

Well I wish I get no more goodbyes as I am tired of it… I am tired of crying now so is my mom… so now its like enough but no one can challenge DESTINY… well lets wait and watch what else is in store for me…

 keep blogging!!! keep writing!!! be happy!!!


2 thoughts on “Tearful G-O-O-D-B-Y-E-S

  1. Quite touchy……………
    But sumtyms Goodbyes r good…………wen it means saying GoodBye n moving on……………..
    Nice thot girl.
    Keep it up!


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