Let It Be What It Is!!!



Why it is always that friendship turns into LOVE or LUST??? I always fought with my friends and mom when they said that a boy and a girl can never be JUST FRIENDS… I always believed that a girl and a guy can be friends… can be best of friends…

Why after long years of friendship with a person; then leads to love??? The funniest part is guys usually hate listening to NO and that is when all the fight starts… when someone asks a question they should be ready for any answer right??? Why do they always want to listen to an answer that they wish for???

Movies like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Meri Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Dil Toh Paagal Hai… well the list will go on and on…. In all these movies all we have seen is how love dwells between two friends…. But the question arises is why??? Why can’t friends be, just friends??? There is something known as F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P…

A girl and a guy can be simply friends as well… it is weird for me to know that a friend of mine has feelings for me… I mean come on we have always been friends rather BEST FRIENDS so why this now!!! Why is it that either the girl or the guy who have been friends since a lifetime fall in love… rather is it love or just the level of understanding between two friends that seems like love…

I have always considered him as friends and then one fine day he proposed to me!!! I mean that was the weirdest day ever… I love telling him I LOVE YOU but like a friend but he took it in the other way…

Just because I used to share all my problems with him doesn’t mean I love him… we human have this tendency of misunderstanding LOVE and FRIENDSHIP… I still believe that a girl and a guy can be best of friends…. Well I hope my friend reads this and understands that I have no feelings for him…

I have more important things in life to do… I wouldn’t love someone just for the sake of doing it… it will be when I feel it… well I think this is enough for this blog…. I hope he reads it and understands that he is my BEST FRIEND….  SIX years of friendship can’t be love for me!!! Love can happen in a day as well… well all I have to say is please keep friendship as friendship don’t misunderstand it as love because not necessary that the other would also have the feelings for you…  I am not saying that friendship can never become love but not always….

Ciao!!! Keep reading!!! Keep Blogging……




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