Being in a Relationship or just Dating???

Holding hands symbolize registrated partnership.
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Someone once told me that, “it’s not necessary that you start a relationship with someone on grounds of commitment! U can just give it a go” well maybe HE was right… maybe sometimes I think a lot. I got this habit of thinking a lot before doing anything… I know sometimes I over think and start analyzing many things…

I remember, once a guy proposed to me and I took 3 days to give him a reply… and the funniest part is that even after 3 long days I said NO to him… he was a nice guy… worked on the managerial post in a well known BPO… looked cute, was a good friend, was a big FOODIE!!! I mean what else can a girl ask for but when he proposed to me I had so many things on mind like what will my mom think of me when she comes to know about it and what will my friends say… and what if in the future I don’t fall in love with him or what if I fall in love with him but he would not be with me???

I know that’s a lot… well I was only 19 then but now I am 21… though my mom says that I still act like a small kid at times but still I think I am quite matured maybe I am not… a friend of mine always says that I am very confused… maybe he is right…

Well now I have decided that I wouldn’t think much before being into a relationship… I have never been into a relationship earlier and now when a guy would propose me or ask me out I wouldn’t  say NO… maybe what the GUY told me that sometimes I can just give it a go!!! Is right…



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