Irritation? Love? Like? :: What Is This???

love pencil
Image by yanni via Flickr

What hurts you the most is not the fact that you are hurt but the fact that the one you like is hurt by someone else… its not the way you feel but the way they feel… maybe we human have this tendency to love someone who doesn’t loves you or maybe just loves you as a friend…

For a person like me it really makes no difference because I have always liked people who liked the others… so I am kind of habitual to it… this is the one blog where I am actually thinking nothing and just typing as the emotions flowing so guys be generous while reading it… lolzzz

Well what is it that attracts to me or what is that fascinates me!!! Well I myself don’t know about it… I love talking rather just love writing blogs where all my emotions are just typed on the screen and my anger or sadness or happiness is suffered by the Keyboard…

I always knew that I am the unlucky one, but never knew that I would be so unlucky… I had just started feeling the sunshine of happiness but obviously because I am so habitual of being lonely, that even my destiny knows that I can handle loneliness…

Its irritating when you start loving rather liking someone and then you realize that they like someone else… but then we cant do anything about it… all we can do is just keep our feelings for that person alive!!!

I went out with a friend today but I was getting distracted repeatedly while talking to him it was not something but someone… though I had my camera with me and was clicking the abstract thingies but yes there was someone who was going in and out of my mind…

Well its all my fault, because though I know I have the worst luck in love and relationships and bonding still I get feelings for someone… maybe I just need to take my hobby too passionately to forget all these…

all i can say as usual is

keep blogging!!! keep reading!!! keep loving if you can!!!


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