Monsoon for Singles!!!

Wet girl
Image by doug88888 via Flickr

Rains are the best thing ever… Everyone loves it, everyone cherishes it, and every one feels romantic in the season of rain… But is it romantic and cheerful for all???


Well people who are committed and in a relationship or married or just have someone they love certainly would love the rains but people who are single, do they love rains too??


Well trust me they do… at least I do!!! I love rains but hate the mess that it causes around… hate the mushy ground after the rains… many of my single friends says that they hate rains as they feel more depressed and start thinking that why they don’t have a person who can love them… well for me it’s the entirely opposite thing… for me rains are good… I usually love rains when I am at home with a good collection of slow music and romantic novels… I just love sitting by the window and read the book and the music should be on… while there should be a nice hot mug of coffee besides you and the rain drops touching you slowly as the breeze blows…


Another thing that I love doing being a ‘single’ rain lover is watch a nice movie with some nice strong coffee and omelets and French fries… also love the rain while traveling in the train and the cold drops of rains touches your face and good music should be falling on your ears… well rains can sometimes be fun by doing just nothing… jus leave your home and start walking, enjoying each and every drop of rain falling on you…


I, being in my 21 now still love playing in the rain. I sometimes make paper boats and let them on the water… I know that’s funny and foolish of me to do but I love doing it…


I wouldn’t deny that monsoon is the season of love and romance but a person like me can love themselves and enjoy monsoon to the fullest… you don’t compulsorily need a companion to enjoy the rains but no one would mind a companion!!!


On that note I would say welcome monsoon, enjoy your rains with or without your love…. But do enjoy!!!


Ciao!!! Keep blogging!!! Keep reading!!! Keep splashing waters!!!!




2 thoughts on “Monsoon for Singles!!!

  1. Quite a tempting blog………makes me miss da rains more.In fact i myself m such a rainlover dat no matter wat,i cum home completely drenched……
    n i love walking in the rains………..
    on that note,
    Rain rain cum again……….
    Little zazy wants 2 play 😛


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