Opposites Attract???

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 We say OPPOSITES ATTRACT!!! But do they actually attract??? Well I have 2 friends who are very close to me… 1 is a girl while the other a guy but they both are my exact opposites and I love them both a lot…

But when I think about ‘My Kind of Guy’ he is the exact replica of mine… I want a guy, who would love reading…. At least my blogs… ;), love writing, watch movies, listen to music, be caring and loving, should fight with me but just a small one!!! ;), who would be good in communicating but who would not talk much!!!

Well I don’t know, maybe I am confused as usual… a friend of mine always says that don’t think much about LOVE because you are too small to think about it!!! 21 is a normal age to think about love, isn’t it?

I have usually seen couples’ being opposite to each other… well my mom is an extrovert and naughty while my dad was the entire opposite of her; he was the introvert and more disciplined. My grandfather and grandmother are also exact opposite… I am a XEROX copy of my dad, not only look wise but also behavior wise… I am a shy person… would never say what’s on my mind!!!

So if Opposites Attract, I will get someone who is outgoing, the party animal, hates reading, would love animals, love dancing!!! GOD!!! I mean… well let it be…

The other day I and a friend were discussing about do Opposites Attract? And we were confused that can a person be happy with the person who is your exact opposite or just like you??? Well it’s a big QUESTION MARK!!!

Let me leave this thing entire on destiny and see whether I get my exact opposite or the same like me!!!

This question is on everyone’s mind, isn’t it? Well but there are many things that we can’t answer… no one can!!! Hmmm so guys its ok… Be yourself and you will find the perfect one…


One thought on “Opposites Attract???

  1. Well,i actually support da “Opposites attract” wala theory…….It happened 2me.
    N dats a good combination,i guess…. 😉


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