Cheerful smiles with gloomy eyes…

Image by Iguanasan via Flickr

I tried writing a poem on this GUY but somehow couldn’t rhyme the words… well then thought that all that I was about to write a poem on can be written in the form of paragraphs’…

He has this smile on his face all the time that can make others’ smile… he has this way of speaking that can impress any girl… Literally any girl in this world… he is caring, loving and a sweet friend!!!

But every smile has ample of sadness behind it… I somehow feel that there is some melancholy behind those smiles and laughs… maybe I am wrong but I think I am not!!! He is a person with the balanced feelings… he is a friend when required and a teacher when necessary…

The moment he entered he used to greet all of us with that typical jolly “HELLO” that cheered up everyone… doing night shifts is not easy for many… but hardly would any one sleep during his sessions… he has this way of speaking and teaching that it makes a good impact on people…

Though he has this cheerful nature but something about him makes me feel that there is a lot more than he says… his eyes sometimes doesn’t reflect the smile on his face… when he is talking about a serious topic his eyes are all the more gloomy… when he utters the word “LOVE”, he has this pinch of craving and sorrow in his eyes…

The difficult part for me was to wave him a ‘GOODBYE’… but then realized that goodbyes happen and makes you upset but if the relation is true and pure then even a goodbye can’t part anyone…

He is the best of friends and is certainly loved by all… but I am still in the pursuit of searching the feelings behind those eyes… it has a lot to speak… let’s see if I am the lucky one to know what’s in his heart!!!

Well… waiting is the soul of finding what’s in one’s heart!!!

ciao!!! keep reading!!! keep blogging!!!


3 thoughts on “Cheerful smiles with gloomy eyes…

  1. It’s great to see that even unspoken feelings are understood and felt!!! u will definetely be one of my fav authors!!!


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