Fair the Better!!!

Love Love Love
Image by Gregory Jordan via Flickr

Someone I know, told that he would like a girl who is the fairest of all… He said, “Fairer the Better!!!” I personally don’t believe in color of a person… And for me it really doesn’t matter if the guy who loves me or I love is dark, fair, tan, wheatish or whatever!!!

But in us Indians why is color so damn important? Especially when it comes to select a girl… I mean when a guy wants to chose a girl as his girlfriend or wife why do they hunt for the fair color… I always believed that love happens by the behavior of a person or the way a person talks… but I have seen this mainly in guys that they would love a girl who is as fair as white!!!

Color of a person doesn’t make a person HOT or good looking… it is the self-confidence one has in themselves… I am not fair and have the nice Indian complexion that is ‘low wheatish…’ I know girls who are very fair but don’t have good features…. Not trying to offend anyone or not trying to say that fair people are bad!!! I mean we have Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai who are like FAIRRRR but still falling in love with a person’s color is something I personally don’t like!!!

But I think my dialogue of all time “different people have different perception” applies here… every person will have their own perception and I respect it!!! Well this GUY is like a big FAN of the FAIR beauty… well good that people at least know what is it that they like…??? unlike me who is always confused!!!

But I still believe that falling in love with a person is above beauty and color and physical appearance; it’s simply with the heart of a person!!!

I mean it’s not that people who has their complexion like mine has a bad heart or people with a fair complexion would have a clean heart!!! It depends from person to person!!! It is possible that a person with a bit dark complexion can have the purest of heart while a person who is fair can not have the heart as pure as them…

Well not trying to criticize the GUY… because even my cousin likes FAIR girls and have dated only the fair girls till date… well my cousin has the typical MILLS and BOONS hero’s color that’s TAN!!! But yess he likes a girl with fair skin tone…

Well girls out there sharing their skin tone like mine or darker than mine never be sad because there is someone who would love you the way you are!!!

Be happy the way you are!!! Keep blogging!!! Keep reading!!!

Ciao!!! 😉


5 thoughts on “Fair the Better!!!

  1. Way to go Gurl!!!
    M really impressed wid dis blog of urs…
    especially bcoz i fall in da category of da 1s who r nt so “Fair” as far as der skin tone or complexion is concernd, bt i knw dat m certainly worth of being truly “loved” & cared by a Guy irrespective of wat my “colour” is…
    nd m very sure dat evn u wud gt a Guy u’ll “Love” u fr wat u r nd nt wat ur “colour” is…
    Best of Luck!!! to both of Us.
    😉 🙂


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