Shrabani: My Best friend…

Friends Indeed - II

Met her five years back… I was not at all fascinated in talking to her… not only her but was disinterested in talking to anyone… I was in the point when I lost my best friend. I was conked out at that time as I had a crush on that guy… I had just entered the college and was depressed.

As it is I am bad in making friends, well I was bad in making friends but now I can make friends (I think so) ((wink))

Well so on the second or third week of my college, I was sitting on the first bench as usual all by myself and was waiting for the professor to enter; just then a girl and asked me if anyone was sitting next to me… I gave NO as an answer. She then sat next to me… she started taking to me and I thought she is a South Indian… I just asked her casually,” are you a south Indian?” she said, “NO!!! I am a Bengali” and I was too excited as I am a Bengali too so we just started talking. She sat with me since then… in the beginning I ignored her as I had a friend in the science section and I used to hangout with her…

I don’t know why and how did ‘we’, I mean I and the new girl became such good friends… FYJC passed and then we were in SYJC… we became real good friends by then… after our SYJC that is HSC exam we both gave the interview at the same place got selected but joined another place. Since then we are inseparable…

We are best friends now… we fight a lot and talk in irony but we both love each other a lot…. At least I do… she is like a sister to me maybe more than a sister… we talk a lot and a lot and a lot… we’ve bunked our college so many times and just kept on walking after bunking… we’ve seen most of the movies in theatre as FIRST DAY, FIRST SHOW!!!! 😉

We’ve also bought a T-shirt that is exactly the same… we have also got crushes on the same guys many times… and we then laugh on it when the crushes crush…

She was with me during the toughest phase of my life and has been my partner in crime… that is Shrabani Kolay, my best friend… I just want to be her friend no matter what!!! She is the Black Beauty… and can dance so well…. Especially the ‘ganapati visarjan dance’…. ((winkkk winkkk))

She is the blunt of all and fights a lot with people… I need to tell her always that, “Dude just control and BEHAVE!!!” she is the way she is and I like her for that… so this one’s totally dedicated to her…. This one’s for her…

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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