The First Kiss

Holding Hands

Again I have come up with Maya… well the last time I ended up with Maya’s first date…. So at the theatre as they entered Maya said,”ohhh SH**!!!” she said this ‘cuz the movie had already started. He just held her hand and said, “Its ok!!! Don’t worry.” Maya was speechless and had lost her breath for a moment. Someone for the very first time held her hand. They started walking towards their seats. She couldn’t say a word. She just felt the warmth of his hand against her. Her body went cold by his touch. She was nervous.

Well Maya becomes COLD when she is nervous!!! The guy asked her to perch on a seat and took the seat besides her. Maya was so nervous to even move that she didn’t keep her hand bag beside her rather kept it on her lap…

The guy whispered in her ear, “Baby, keep your bag” Maya went colder ‘cuz she could now feel the hot breath of his against her ears. She was nervous. She felt the butterflies in her tummy… all she could do is; SMILE…

She smiled and said,”No its ok” and then he came closer to her and said again, “Baby keep the bag and sit comfortably.” She kept the bag on the place provided besides the couple seat. The moment she faced the screen again she felt his hand holding hers. She didn’t move a bit, she was as cold as ice. He was watching the movie and moving his hand slowly on hers… suddenly she felt; herself move a bit, a bit closer to him…

He then wrapped his hands around her and told her, “I have missed you so much”. All she could do is just smile. It was the first time for Maya to feel a guy so close to her. She had just read this on ‘Mills and Boons’ but now she was feeling this…

They were just sitting like the love birds nestled around each other. After some time the lights were on. Well it was Interval. They went out and took a coke. The entire time he was holding her hand. She just kept her eyes down. They entered the screen again after the interval. The guy slowly told her that they would go and sit on some other seat. She couldn’t say NO!!!

Well as we all know Maya never says No!!!

They sat on their respective seats and then after some moments of holding hands they were cuddled up into each other. She felt so secure when around him. His warm hands and body kept her warm and she wasn’t feeling cold from the AC now…

Well after some more cozy moments the guy kissed her cheeks and she was taken aback. She was confused and nervous. No guy had ever kissed her. It was all her new to her. The heat between them started rising and then later he came more close to her… all she could do is close her eyes…

She now felt that feeling which she always imagined while reading the romantic novels. He kissed her… that was Maya’s first kiss ever… she couldn’t believe anything… she wanted the time to stop there… after the kiss all they did was just cuddled up into each other. Maya had slept on his arms. She slept like a baby. He just kept looking at her the entire time. The moment the movie was over he waked her up slowly and kissed her again. She was feeling embarrassed ‘cuz she slept but eventually she was not regretting her gesture and love. She never regretted the kiss. She loved it!!!


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