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Change is what many of us like while many dislike… But some things are not in our hands, is it? Well it all depends on what kind of change it is… sometimes we might be unhappy with the change in the beginning, but later as time passes by we tend to accept that as well…

Well it’s the human psychology that accepts the changes as it comes. But the question is, are we happy with the change? Accepting the change is nothing but compromising… sometimes the change is mandatory and one can do nothing but just accept it. But sometimes the change is for the good.

We all hate medicines, don’t we? But it heals us when we are sick… same way changes might be bitter in the beginning but eventually it turns out to be better… my life has got many changes I loved some while I hated some but eventually I had to stay with the changes.

Sometimes we can be the change. Sometimes someone can be the change for us. While sometimes the situation changes us. I have changed a lot. My friends and family says I have changed a lot. Some of them like it while some don’t!!! But the point is I am happy with the change.

I don’t know why I write these stuff… my younger brother says I am influenced by the forwarded messages sent to me… and my every blog is nothing but a mixture of few messages… well that’s quite possible… hmmm well usually he is right and I am sure this time he is right too…

But I know that my blogs are been read by some people… and will be read more in the future and my blogs will indeed be a change for the world at least for the youth of today…

Adios!!! Ciao!!! Take care!!!

Keep blogging!!! Keep Reading!!! Keep Changing for the best!!!


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