I'm scared to death of silence and saying goodbye.

I hate Goodbyes… it’s the one thing that brings tears to my eyes but doesn’t let me cry… goodbye means going away for ever…

What’s the need of saying goodbye??? I mean yesss it can be said when you know one would never meet you ever, why to say it unnecessary when you know that there would be a source of communication?

I don’t know what is making me write this blog post rather I know but the point is why do we need to say GOODBYE? During goodbye all you can feel is the heat of sadness rushing on your cheeks and tears flushing through your eyes…

And when the moment arrives when you have to say goodbye individually to that person and BOOM that’s the moment when the tears starts flowing and you don’t want that person to know about it. You can’t even say a word because the moment you would part your lips your voice would be all choked and that would be so embarrassing…

Well goodbyes are bad but yeah I know people come and go and that’s life!!!

Well…… got to say nothing about it… take care all!!!


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