Eyes That Stares…

The look of love

You feel so uncomfortable when those eyes stare at you, don’t you? You can sense the stare from anywhere in the room and the more you try to avoid it, the more you can feel it. And the moment you stare at the person staring at you there’s the a small eye contact and then both the eyes look here and there but still sense the heat developing between them.

I know one feels very special when there is someone who stares at you most of the time. It feels as if you are the princess though in reality you’d be just the Girl Next Door. Those stares are something you can’t avoid and rather you don’t want to.

Who would not want a guy staring at them? Well I would but sometimes it can become too weird but special at the same time. There is this special heat in these stares from one particular man and trust me it feels good. Well I am not saying that I am experiencing the stares but I am not denying anything as well… 😉

On a serious note it feels good. Imagine a big room with many people around and you feeling a bit uncomfortable just because of two eyes. Or imagine a group of friends sitting over and you can sense the stare from someone. Or imagine you just close your eyes and sit and still you can feel the stare.

And yess then the smile that is followed after the nice two minutes stare… it is ULTIMATE… trust me it might feel good…

Well I just wanted to scribble these words because I just wanted to… well I hope all the girls get these stares that makes them feel special…

Adios, ciao and keep blogging…

🙂 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “Eyes That Stares…

  1. Its definetly aa Awesome feeling indeed….
    Hopefully u gt ur share of “stares”…
    M still waiting fr my “stares”.


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