Leftovers: Cinderella still exists…

Sisters Judy and Susan Becker with their dog: ...
Image by State Library and Archives of Florida via Flickr

The word ‘leftovers’ brings stale food to you, right? Well yesss for me it was just stale food or the leftovers from the party last night. I never thought leftovers can be more than this. Leftovers can be life to some while some are totally dependent on it.

A homeless person on the street of Mumbai just waits for the leftovers to be given by the high society people. Well leftovers are beyond this. Leftovers can be for the people like you and me also!!!

Confused??? Well don’t be!!! But yes leftover is not only in food but also in many other things. Well for me leftovers were always my cousin elder sister’s clothes. Well not that I was BPL- Below Poverty Line but because she didn’t wear the clothes for more than three times and I just loved her collections. Well I still do love it… and the greatest thing of all is that it Fits me so well….. 😀 😉

Well I always loved taking her clothes and flattering them after wearing it. Well somehow other people’s clothes fitted me quite well and it indeed does suits me more than mine…

But is one’s life always on Leftovers??? No it is not!!! There comes a point in your life when you are tired of taking others things. InIndia, usually the younger ones are given the elder child’s clothes, cradle, books… but after a certain age if it is not stopped then it might lead to confrontations among the siblings…

I have always adored my cousins – from my paternal family or maternal. But now at this age of 21 I am done with the old clothes that are being given to me as charity… I mean COME-ON; I have grown to an age where I can buy my own clothes and flatter wearing them…

I know my mom still thinks that it is good to take clothes from your elder cousins but I am at the age where I want to wear clothes that are of my own style and comfort…

Well the concept of leftovers is larger than this to me and I may talk on this some other day….

Well till then ciao, adios and as I always say,



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