Confusion: New Generation

Endless love
Image by Millzero Photography via Flickr

Today’s generation have this big confusion between love and attraction!!! I am in my 20’s too but I am seeing many friends who are being confused between attraction and love!!!

Love can’t be defined by anyone… even Google can’t give you the perfect definition of Love… no writer, no poet, nor a blogger like me can say what is love exactly!!! But yesss I am so sure that the generation today, is misunderstanding love and attraction. I am no exception to it. I misunderstood an attraction for love but at least realized it later and I am happy with the crushes around me…. 😉

The reason for posting this is just for my young friends out there who are going deeper into the attraction, thinking its LOVE!!! Guys it’s not love, its not love when you love the face of the person. Its not love when you love the way the person talks or walks… love is certainly beyond all this… as we say LOVE IS ETERNAL….indeed it is!!!

Well a friend of mine is falling for a guy… I wouldn’t deny that he is cute and quite good looking but how can it be love in just some days… it is attraction and nothing more than that. I am not saying that it can’t be love later, obviously it can be developed into love later but at the moment I am so sure its nothing but attraction. Maybe I am wrong, but still the feeling that comes to me the moment I think of this small tenured love is nothing but INFATUATION and ATTRACTION…

Well if it is LOVE, then trust me I would be the happiest person but if its not then don’t worry you will manage in some days after realization…


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