beauty: internally or externally!!!

What is beauty? Is it the fair complexion or the beautiful hair? Well it depends from person to person… “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!!!”, so rightly said are these words… Well does really beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?

One question that is frequently asked to me is: “Don’t you think you should reduce?” my answer is always the same, “How does that matter!!!” I am Foodie at heart. My biggest weakness is Food!!! Good food is what can win my heart over… (Ahem-Ahem… Attention Guys….)

Beauty for me is not the face or the best of health but it is the character of a person. Let a person be the prettiest of all but if the person doesn’t have a good character, he is ugly for me.

Perceptions do change from person to person… well my perception about beauty is not the guy with cutest smile or the killer look but rather a guy with a genuine heart and caring words and yes some INTELLIGENCE!!! 🙂

Many friends usually tell me, “Ashmita you won’t get a boyfriend, because you are FAT!!!” according to me Love doesn’t happens with the size of a person. I mean, anyone would love me when I get the PERFECT FIGURE, but would that be the real me??? No!!! the real me loves eating, loves reading romantic novels, loves listening to the weirdest of music, loves crying like a baby when sad and shouting like an idiot when happy.  The real ‘ME’ is beyond the limit of the perfect figure.

I know, maybe for many, love is something that revolves around good looks and proper figure…. Well for all those people “BEST OF LUCK”. The people who don’t have the perfect figure and who is a total Foodie like me, well guys just be yourself and there would be someone who would fall in love with you for this reason….



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