life moves on…

While I was going to my classes I just bumped into a guy with a boom bang!!! I was horrified and excited to see him but he wasn’t the guy I actually thought he is!!! The same eyes, smile, hair, everything about him was so much like the guy I loved and lost.


It happens with us most of the time, when we move on in life; life opens the chapter that was been closed years back. The question then raised is “why???” well a very good friend of mine died at the age of 18 and it was a turn fall for all of us. 25th July, 2006, its still the day I hate the most.


Kartik nayak a very good friend of mine was the heart of the group, used to make everyone happy even if that means making fun of him. I started writing this post but never could complete it but it was always on my draft and as the prompt for the week is to complete one post from your draft so here this one is…


Some week ago I saw a guy who had the exact features like that of Kartik but obviously was not him!!! But looking at that guy I just went on the memory lane and wasn’t able to stop the tears flow. Kartik was always close to me and my family. And my entire group always loved him. Well I still love him. He was one sweetheart whom I could say absolutely anything.


But life must go on. It is believed in us Hindus that once a person is dead his soul can come visit us in the form of a crow. As kartik used to love Prawns made by my mom, so whenever my mom makes prawns the way he liked it, we always give the first bite to a crow and then have our lunch.

death is something none of us would ever enjoy and death of a friend means a lot rather death of any one could be a tragedy for us. but it is the cycle of God. my mom says god always takes away the ones whome He loves the most. and i am sure Kartik was God’s favorite too… i am sure kartik must be reading this blog and smiling and all i want to tell you is I love you kartik and you are one friend i would always love!!!

but indeed life moves on….


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