a loud voice maybe irritating but a loud voice with wise words is never irritating, rather it can be the voice of tomorrow. it can be the voice of the poor, down trodden!!!  An opera singer is praised for the melodious but loud voice, so loud that it can break glasses, then why is not the voice of a youth praised???

i am not criticizing any singer and i love opera but the point is though i am not an opera singer and cant break glasses with my voice but i can break many wrong practices with my voice. when in a crowd, i know i stand out ‘cuz of a strong voice. being a girl i have a loud voice.  with my voice i can stand up for my family and can be the voice of the world. why isnt it taken in a positive way? why is it said that,”lower your voice,  you are a girl!!!”

so what??? why do your own people think about outsiders or the society?  not only my voice is powerful but so are my words, and i know i would be the voice of tomorrow, though my voice is no melody; but there would be a time when my voice would be for many.

in the conclusion would just like to say that, my voice and words ain’t loud but rather strong!!! and i am proud of myself!!! and i know i would be The Voice someday!!!

Written by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.


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