English: always close to me

I have become the member of post a week all for 2011… and I am super excited about it. Well though I am unaware about how to start it but the Topic #72 is “What was your favorite class in college?”


Being in my final year right now and I have been studying commerce since the last five years, my favorite class should be accountancy or economics!!! But alas! I realized in my second year that I am not interested in commerce. Numbers don’t attract me but words do!!! I have been writing a lot since childhood so I wouldn’t be writing on my favorite class in college but in school.


My favorite class in school has always been English. Maybe I was always made for words. I used to get fever when my math’s teacher entered and my fever used to fly away when my English teacher entered.


English subject has always been very close to me not only because of grammar but also essay. Writing creatively has been my weakness rather my strength. I usually got carried away in exams while writing English essay writing. Though the question paper asked for 150 words my pens wouldn’t stop and would go for 300 words or more then realizing that, ”oh!!! It was just 150 words” and then had to end it up…


I was always good in writing, maybe since my second grade. My English teachers always loved me while my mathematics and science teachers always gave me those useless looks!!!


I always scored the most in English and the least in science and mathematics. History was another subject very close to me. Leaving the dates I loved everything in history. Dates are something I am really bad with even now.


I think I should be ending it up now, but truly writing after a long time (had a writer’s block till yesterday) felt good….


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