Be sensible!!!

Mumbai is my city, the city where I am born and growing everyday. But every coin has two sides, don’t they? Indian railways are world famous and Mumbai locals are equally well known. It is known not only for the good frequency but also for the cheapest and convenient mode of transportation. But as all the Mumbaikars know very well how common are the accidents on the railway tracks.


Why do these accidents happen? It is not the government’s fault, but the peoples fault. Maybe many people would hate me for saying it but it’s the fact. There are frequent announcements on the railway stations about ‘not crossing the railway tracks’ still people do cross the tracks and then happens accidents. I am the part of public ‘janta’ as we are known as, but still, I oppose the crossing of railway tracks and then the family members blaming the Indian Government and Western Railway for their loss. In the picture taken by me it is clearly shown the graveyard cross in the middle of the tracks. Maybe it was just my sight and lenses that caught it but doesn’t it really mean something?


Why to risk your life by crossing the tracks; just to save some time so that you can take a train and reach office for an urgent meeting or reach home soon because your children are waiting for their Ma to come? If a high speed train takes your soul from your body, the meeting would be pending for ever and your children would never see you again.


I always stand for the right for justice for the truth!!! And that is exactly what I am trying to do. People please don’t cross the railway tracks and make those happy eyes of your child moist and your loved one’s eyes always at the window, just waiting for you.


The photo means a lot then just street photography. It’s a signal by God saying don’t do something foolish.


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