Believing in love again!!!


Even a thought of resting on those arms at the end of the day that makes you feel so secured so safe is soothing. It isn’t necessary for everyone to be around you all the time. But a small text message or a nice chat or mail from the one you love is simply a turn on.


I have read so many mills and boons books 😉 I know many people don’t like me reading it, but I surely don’t read for people. I read for myself. And I love reading mills and boons. I love the intimacy in it. Intimacy is never cheap for me; it’s an expression of love.


Maybe not for many but for me love is all about trust. It’s the trust that you have in the one you love whole heartedly. But what if trust turns into distrust? What if you know that the one you love a lot is actually ditching on you?


Well many who read my blogs regularly might think why I am actually posting a post about ditching as I just posted a post about love yesterday? Well it is just ‘cuz I was just talking to my mom about love and relationships just when I said what if the guy is ditching on a girl or vice versa? How can one actually trust someone?


I trusted a man in my life but had the worst experience. Not a lover!!! But someone I can’t mention about. After this experience I can’t trust any man on the earth. Well maybe I would eventually. But maybe I would love some one when I trust them totally or rather trust them blindly when I am in love with them.


Well talking about intimacy and mills and boons makes my tummy goes swirl and my head goes to another level of imagination. I know such bold talks and imagination of mine makes people think that I am bad!!! But dude this is me.


Everyone would like reading such love stories but some would say it like me, rather some would not. There is nothing to hide about it, ‘cuz I simply love reading it. Well what is love?


Hmmm again a question asked by me that makes my mom pissed off. How would one actually know that it is love? Well you know what I would know it? HE would give me some signal. Well I am actually glad that I started believing in love again.





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