The Kick of Music!!!


I just wanted to write something creative or something more out there!!! But trust me I couldn’t. Well I just got this really slow speed on the keyboard due to the ‘ring finger punishment.’


So I had almost written 200 words on Maya but actually didn’t feel a single word of it, so I just deleted it and started typing this. There’s no reason behind posting this post but everything should have a reason, isn’t so right is it??


Well I am actually listening to the song by Akon “Put the Blame on me”. It’s the 28th time I am listening to it right now. And I am in love with the song. Well maybe the lyric is doing the magic again.


Well this is one song which is the most played by me. And my mom is really irritated about it. She hates listening to the same song again and again. Lol… and I play it continuously until my battery goes low.


So there are many songs that are very close to me. Each and every song on my play list reminds me of someone or the other. Actually in everyone’s life music plays a very important role. I love music when I am happy, sad, angry, cranky or just blank.


I love music especially when I am writing. And it gives my writing a kick. keep writing with music on!!! 😉




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