To Love or Not To???


Would there be the music of violins in real or a gentle breeze touching your face or it would rain or what??? How can one know that it is LOVE? This question was always on my mind whenever I thought of relationships. This question the most arises when I hear people saying,” I am in Love!!!”


Why don’t I get this feeling when talking to my crush or meeting some guys or flirting with some? I have never been in any relationship ever. In fact never felt like being in one. I feel the life of a single rock!!! I wonder what couples talk on phone for hours and hours. Maybe I am the weirder one.


Well not that I don’t have crushes. I do have many crushes. But they are just crushes. And though I have all guy friends never had any special feeling for anyone as such. Obviously there are times of melancholy when the thought comes to mind “Is a relationship so important in life?”


More than the need for a boyfriend or lover, it’s the need for that special one who would listen to you even when you want to yell and cry. I am not quite a believer of love, though I know my love stories touch the hearts of people around me, but I don’t really personally believe in it.


No personal reasons as such, but maybe never found the perfect man. Well yeah there’s this thing I’d like to mention that I have this fantasy of being in a relationship with some one who is a man more than a guy. Well the definition of a man in my dictionary isn’t the married one 😉 but rather the one with a stronger will, quite mature and someone who is huge.


Well huge not only physically but also by his approach. Well fantasies are always fantasies. Maybe I’ll get the one who is quite naïve and petite. I know my piece is going in a contrary way, where I started off with no love and now describing the man of my dreams. But like any other girl I do have a dream man’s description, not by looks but by nature, attitude etc…


I still didn’t figure out how would I know if the guy I am meeting or going on a date or being in a relationship with is ‘THE ONE’? I mean, anyways… I still don’t know if I would believe in love or come over my fear of being in a relationship but I know one thing for sure that I am quite happy being single.


I know guys this one’s a total mishap!!! Well you know my emotions couldn’t stop…. Lolzzzz…. Anyways have a love filled day and enjoy…



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