The New Voyage: PROMPTS


‘A Prompt a Day’, just thinking of writing on prompts!!! I love taking up challenges and writing on a prompt is certainly no big deal, is it??? Not really… well the thing I really love about prompts are that you don’t have to think about what to write, ‘cuz you already have the topic idea as a challenge.


How to decide a prompt?


Deciding prompts are easy. Well some of them are,


  1. Like the best and most convenient way is surfing on Google and you would definitely find one.


  1. Well the other way is just take any book or magazine or newspaper lying around you. Open a random page and the word you see first is your prompt.



  1. As texting trend is increasing theses days, you can chose a forwarded text of yours as your prompt for the day.



Well all the creative minds there have many more ideas of deciding a prompt. So soon after I finish posting this one I would start with writing on my prompt for today or rather for that particular post.


There are indeed many more ways of deciding prompts and I really don’t know which one would I choose as my prompt generator? I really don’t want to use the internet as they’ve all common topics as prompts… (Yes I have given a look at them). And I really want to write on something random. So maybe I would just use the second option given above, that is open the book and get my prompt…


Wait wait wait!!! Got an idea… I would rather open the book, close my eyes and just move my fingers on the page of the book and stop after 2 seconds and whatever word my fingers point at would be my prompt word for the day… yeah I think this one’s the best…


Well I would give the title of each post on prompts as ‘The New Voyage’ well I would mention the prompt name or idea in the post itself….


Well then, best of luck to me for the new journey of mine to write on prompts, as I have never tried on one…




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