The New Voyage: First Sight


Prompt for the post: First Sight

Source: Twilight, Stephanie Meyer


Well I just closed my eyes and opened the first or second page and started moving my fingers from the top left of the page. And after some seconds I stopped and realized it was the Index page and I got the first episode of ‘Twilight’ that is First Sight. Well I am blank on what to write but I am glad I didn’t get ‘Carlisle’ or ‘The Cullen Family’!!! I wonder what I could write on it.


So getting back to my Prompt for the post, ‘First sight’… well the words are kind of quite romantic to me and I am getting these butterflies in my tummy… 😉 well when I first read the words, I exactly could feel love in the air. And went on a small trip in my dream world where I would have the First sight of the one who would I really love.


Well the first sight of many things stays in our mind while some just fade away. It depends on how our soul acts to it. So I remember the first sight of this friend of mine whom I met during my Tenth Grade. It’s like six long years ago and I still remember the first sight of this friend, who became a very special friend later.


It was my first day in my coaching classes and being the nerd that time I never spoke to anyone. When people get the first sight of mine they usually think I am a haughty and pompous person. Well at times I am. It was the first day at this coaching class, which was just a hop away from my home.


I was sitting on a bench and the teacher who was going to teach Algebra started calling out our names to take the attendance. And she took a name, hearing to which all the girls had a smile on their face and boys had a laugh. I wondered, what’s in a name!!!


Well there was no answer to the name taken. Well I wouldn’t mention the name but would call him ‘K’. So there was no reply for K while the ma’am called out the name. And someone from the girls said that he has gone out for a week.


Well in some days I heard the name of K quite often and had this image of a guy with a nerd look but cute, wearing a specks and maybe neatly made hair. So that was K for me. After a week or so when I made some friends in the classes and asked them who is K? All the girls went all drooling while talking about him and the guys said the incidence of monkey business with him.


I had assumed by now that he is obviously not matching to the K I imagined. So after a whole week listening about K I had to meet him, rather wanted to see him desperately.


One morning while I just settled down in the classes (was the first one to enter, as usual). I started solving some algebra, just when the door of the classroom opened and entered a cute guy. Well not the Tom Cruise cuteness but he was cute. The first sight of K was without a doubt eye catching. Well he was the entire opposite to my imaginative K but in fact wore specks. We spoke for sometime, until the other students joined in.


So this was about my first sight of K… and my first post on my new project: The New Voyage…


I am really waiting for responses on this one… would come up with some new prompts in the next post….




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