The day without maid….


It was one of the worst days I ever had, as my maid is on a leave. The poor thing is suffering from jaundice. But a day without maid is a hectic day ever. Maids are quite handy at least in my city where most of the people are working. Though I am a jobless student I suffer a lot without a maid.


My mom is in office right now and I have to go for a shower and then leave for my class in the next 10 minutes, but as my maid isn’t here today I had to do the utensils and the sweeping 😦 and also had to write this post and now have to rush towards my bathroom to take a quick shower and then on the road to my class.


Well I am really tensed as she said she would take a day’s leave but what if it becomes a two or more or forever!!! GOD!!!


Well can’t really write more as my brother is giving me looks as it is already 03:00 pm here and my class would start by 03:30… well I have to do the same work even after coming home from class, I mean wash the utensils and sweeping…. I know it sounds snobbish that I have problems in doing the utensils but trust me though we are three members; we have utensils like ten of them have eaten food…

Anyways…. Got to go….




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