Break Activities!!!

Life may have many break but we shouldn’t stop because of it, should we? Well this was a thought in my mind since evening. Why do we give up when life takes a small break? Don’t we need breaks when we are tired? We do, right!!! So why cant life?

We need a break during classes, college, office, household chores or even during having a lovey dovey moments conversation with our loved one. When we can ask for it, why cant life? There is no hard and fast rule that says, life can’t take a break, is there?

We expect a lot from life and that is our fault. Certainly life has made us but our life is what it is ‘cuz of us… I really don’t know what is making me write this post but I just want to write it…


So as we all need break and so does life, what is your way of taking a hiatus? Well there are many people who take break in the form of a nap in fact most of the people opt for this one.

Well that’s not my way of taking a break. For me a break is more about music, books or just a stroll. A nap is something I can always opt for but I usually don’t get time to read a book or listen to my favorite songs in my daily routine. And indeed have to take out time for it. I really don’t mind reading a good book while walking on the road while going to my evening classes but can’t do it, as it can be dangerous.

But yeah I do listen to my favorite songs when I am on the road on the way to my classes. But I do make it a point to read a book whenever I get time. Actually a bit tied up due to exams on head and hectic classes timings and so haven’t touched a novel since quite some time.

But I have already decided to read as many books possible after my exams. Well kind of excited but lets see… well penning a few words was always a way of taking break for me. But now-a-days because of this blogging thing, it’s become an addiction.

I know addiction of anything is bad, but I somehow just love writing. And maybe I am getting addicted but then I think I would manage with it… well I love this activity during my hiatus… in fact I love all my hobbies during my breaks… and I hope all of you would do something creative during your breaks too…


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