Petite tour: Mumbai Local

Well this is my first post for the new category I made that’s the ‘Mumbai Local’. Well I thought of making a new blog altogether for this one but then I don’t know what came to me and I decided to make just a new category.

So Mumbai as most of them call it, the dream city but for me it’s the city where I am born, growing and would grow more for sure. Mumbai is the financial capital of India… wow!!! I just love when some nice title is given to my city. 😉

Well Mumbai is one of the famous cities now. And people know it a lot for many known reasons. When a person or rather I would say a tourist comes to visit Mumbai they see the brighter part or the more famous things in here… but Mumbai isn’t made of only one thing, it’s a mixture of many things.

It has people from different communities living here, different cuisine, especially the road side junks usually called as ‘chaats’. Any person can survive here with the most minimum amount of money too. Well though its one of the expensive city but still I say anyone can survive here. Trust me on that.

For the people who don’t know, but Mumbai’s residents are known as ‘Mumbaikars’. Well many say that the Mumbaikars are heartless and rude and arrogant. Well not really. We do accept everyone here as they are.

I know my first post in this category is more like a praising piece for my city. But everyone does love their own city and I am no exception. Being born in Mumbai and growing here, I mean I have spent the most wonderful 20 years since my birth here, I still don’t know or rather haven’t explored all the places of Mumbai.

Though I am a Mumbaikars since birth, but still I get confused when I am on some road within my city, and have no clue where I am. And this is when the people help. Well if I am in some place and got no idea about where I am, I just go to a local shop or maybe some tea stall and ask one question, and guess what I get ten replies for it.

Well the Mumbaikars reading this would certainly agree and know how this works.

So here’s an instance that would prove it all. If you are ever lost in Mumbai (very difficult though) just go to the local betel leaf store (paan ki tapri) or tea stalls (chai wala) and just ask them in Hindi,” where is the railway station?”(Station kaha hai?) And trust me you would have ten fingers pointing towards a direction, the same direction. And there you are, once you get the station what else can one ask for. Well for the tourist from foreign lands who don’t know to speak Hindi, can just go to the local stalls and say “Railway Station?” and you would find more people helping you as here we consider guests next to God.

Well I guess that’s a lot for now… I would come up with more soon. I am really looking forward to read more and more comments on this one…

Keep traveling, blogging and reading!!!


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