The Blind Date!!!


Maya never thought she would go for a blind date. Well blind dates are not much common in India, but people do go on blind dates. But Maya!! I mean as I have mentioned in my earlier posts that Maya is the introvert, the shy kind of girl. Well it was a hectic period going for Maya. She was all away from her family at some of her relatives place and all she used to do is spend her time on the social networking sites to do some work. She used to work as a free lancer and so she used to bring in candidates from networking sites.

She used to send the copy paste note to all the people in a group and would just keep waiting for a reply. She usually got responses from there. While sometimes she also got some jerks while sometimes she got some not up to the mark. It was no special day for Maya, rather was a very simple day. She had her tea and just went online on orkut. Well during that time orkut was much famous. She started sending the copy paste note and later that day she found many replies including one who sounded none the less than a jerk to Maya.

Maya replied back to all sending them the job openings she had. Just when she got this reply from the same jerk guy and he used the charming words like “baby, sweetheart”, though they weren’t pleasing Maya as she thought it was lame. They exchanged their yahoo ids to chat in a proper way. Maya had in her mind to nail this candidate but the guy had something else in mind.

They started talking daily on yahoo and the guy always used to ask for her number and she refused every time. By now Maya was really pissed off with the guy and used to avoid her daily. Not that his charm wasn’t working on her. It was…. But she never thought of him when she was apart from the computer. One year passed and they used to chat at times.

During that time, Maya came back to her home along with her family and was quite excited. She didn’t have the net connection then and so hardly went online. The day she got a net connection and she put her yahoo on, she was amazed to see him… now they used to chat regularly. By now Maya had some feelings for him, though they just spoke the normal routines.

On Maya’s birthday, she got a Facebook message on her mobile where the guy had wished her birthday. And something struck in Maya’s mind and she texted him giving him her number. Well she had his number already. They spoke a lot that night. And eventually it became a habit for both of them to keep texting each other. They never spoke on the phone, but the guy always asked her to meet, though she always refused. Well Maya can never say YES immediately… that’s Maya!!!

Anyways, days passed and texting him was becoming a habit and eventually they started talking intimate. And finally they decided to meet. So now Maya was excited. She had seen this guy earlier on the road but never approached him as she was scared. Both of them had exchanged their photos, so they had seen each other. She was really nervous as Maya was first time going out on a date. She had just turned twenty then and had never ever been into a relationship. This was like her blind date, indeed it was!!!

They had gone to see a movie and the moment Maya reached there and saw him her heart was beating fast with nervousness. She was scared and excited at the same time. Well as we know Maya isn’t the girl with outer beauties but indeed were very beautiful inside… the guy was a bit plump too but had very immense eyes that went through Maya. She was so excited and going impatient that she thought her cheeks were red too with the heat in her. She was scared to look in his eyes as it was a constant gaze from his end.

Well this was the blind date of Maya… and what exactly happened on the date would be written by me some other day…. As of now I would jus like to say that isn’t it weird that with whom we chat so much day and night and suddenly we meet them we go so blank. The stories of Maya, that I write is not an extra ordinary story, it’s the story of someone reading it rite now… I mean it can be the story of anyone… any girl, to be precise…

Well dating is not necessary when it is about love but is it LOVE??? Is Maya in love??? Maybe!!! Maybe not!!! Well no one can ever say that they are in love!!!

Keep blogging, reading and loving Maya…


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