I usually don’t use a topic when I write a blog post. It is just a haphazard movement of my fingers on the keyboard and a blog post is complete. In the beginning, I used to write it on a paper and then my pen used to do the workings while my hands just moved along…

But Yesterday I was chatting to a friend on Facebook about normal day to day routine and I just told her that I have posted a new blog post and sent her the link. She read it and loved it and told me why don’t I write few words on her?

So Simran, this blog post is dedicated to you totally… well I love you a lot but the problem with me is simple that I cant articulate my love or just express it in a very wrong way. Well I am sarcastic at times and I do tell things that might upset people but I don’t deliberately do it. So first of all, I am sorry for everything bad said by me ever…

So this friend of mine is not a best friend yet, as she herself knows but indeed a very good friend.







Well Simran, you might think that I am just playing with vocabulary and trying to make you feel superior, but trust me I would never fake while writing… when I write something for someone, I write what is right…

You are indeed the mirror of past for me… I can see the old ME in you

You are ‘Shy’ and I really want you to open up, because the real world out there is very dreadful, rather you are too good for it. I don’t want you to modify; I mean I would hate you if u modify but I want you to become smarter so as to face the world.

Well every one of us has a small child in themselves. And that childish nature is called ‘Innocence’. Being innocent is the best thing and that is what I love about you. You are naughty but innocent at the same time.

You are ‘Magnificent ‘in your own way. You are splendid, you are impressive. I am falling short of adjectives to describe you. I know you are not much talkative but indeed you talk a lot with people you are close to. No one ever hates a magnificent person. So if you ever feel that any one (or me) hates you then it would be their loss…

Well the word ‘Rememberable’ would be put in this way by me that you are not at all forgettable… your quietness is your power. Your way of behaving with the most sober manner is something you should maintain. People love you for that…

As it is said ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, I find you quite ‘Attractive’ and beautiful. You do have the best health and sharp features. More than anything you have the inner beauty… outer beauty is temporary… a girl with the perfect figure might get fat any day… what you have to keep in mind is love the way you are… you know that how healthy I am (rather more than healthy but I don’t use the word FAT… I don’t like using it!!!) But I still love myself a lot, because I know I have kept myself very beautiful from within. Same way you have to love yourself. That is when people would love you…

Well you are quite ‘Naïve’ people can hurt you easily and you have to put an end. Don’t let anyone come and just hurt your feelings. Be strong and be who you are.

On an ending note, I really felt good on writing about the topic ‘SIMRAN’, though I don’t write on topics but yeah I did feel good….

Simran just keep one thing in mind, people come and go, all you have to do is know who is good to you or bad to you not that who is good or bad in general. Love yourself. Be proud of who you are and trust me, the whole world would love you…

So guys this was all about my friend Simran… Simran this one’s totally dedicated to you. I do love you in my way just that I won’t be able to express it…

So guys keep blogging and reading and loving your friends…


2 thoughts on “SIMRAN…

  1. woooooooooowwwwwwwwwww ashi.thankkkkkkkkkkuuuuuuu soooooo was really vryy emotional yaar.i myself was not knowing wat exactly my name means but dis is too gud.if ever ny1 ask me 2 say d meaning of ur name i vud proudly tell dat dis is wat my name means n dis is wat my frnd let me know.ashi yaar aaj mood bohot kharab tha but tera ye blog padke aisa lag rha hai k m also much valuable.really really thankuuuuuuuu,m feelin lyk u hav written a whole script on me .thankuu.luv uuuuuu 2, 3,4.mmmmuuuuaaahhhhhhhhhh!


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